Stories - review by Mieczysław Burski a music journalist from Polskie Radio

The music created by Łukasz Pohl is not easily pigeonholed. (…). Stories is a set of twelve piano miniatures, which is a continuation of earlier Pohl’s music ideas. Minimalism is still the dominant vision, although there are also rife tensions. “In the thematic sense the album Stories is a tale about a multidimensional world of human emotions, which attempts to emphasize their most elemental meaning in the human life” – in this way Łukasz Pohl described his music. Stories is the album, which contains the music is not found in the definite style of music. It can be described as background music, relaxation music and film music.

About love. Works for piano - review by Mieczysław Burski a music journalist from Polskie Radio

About love is a musical illustration of selected hues of love based on a subjective interpretation. That album is an invitation to an urestrained journey into the world of personal memories and projections associated with these hues – in this way Łukasz Pohl, who’s a self-taught music composer, described that album. The music composed by Pohl is minimalistic and it refers to works created by Satie, Cage and Part. Pohl’s music is very spiritualized, delicate, frugal and ascetic. In composer’s opinion About love is the musical reflection about love.  Grzegorz Rudny, twenty-seven year old Polish pianist, faced enormous challenge, because he had to face the collection of discrepant emotions. About love is the album, which may appeal hepcats, classical music lovers and other people not listening jazz and classical music.  Works by Pohl are uncannily timeless. They are ethereal, light and – just like the music composed by Satie – they remain in our minds and they don’t surrender to daily life.